Our Cherry St. leather watch strap is made from our super durable English Bridle Leather. Out design uses one long piece of 3 oz. leather on each side of the strap doubled over on itself giving you an astoundingly strong 6 ounce strap on each side. We hold all of this together with the time honored hand saddle stitching we use on all of our small leather goods. This stitch is far superior to any machine lock stitch which can start to travel over time. Stunning and durable this watch strap is sure to please adorning any of your fine wrist watches. Sizes 20-24MM lug width available.

*Handmade In The U.S.A.  (Athens, Georgia)
*Hand Stitched with 1mm Poly Thread
*Lifetime Warranty
*Full-Grain American Leather
*Color: Chestnut
*Available in: 20mm,22mm,24mm lug widths


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