The Henderson Belt. This is our take on a classic jeans belt. It is named after the hometown of Robert's maternal grandparents. It was there in that small southern town that Grandma and Grandpa Robertson lived and worked on the family's tobacco farm. Going through and coming out of the great depression, the Robertsons valued every dollar earned and knew that their goods had to last for as long as possible. So when it came to holding up the Sunday trousers or just those dusty denims, no cheap belt would do. It needed to be a hefty piece of leather that would hold up over time and could handle the riggors of farm life. We designed our Henderson belt to meet those requirements all while having a modern look and stunningly beautiful.

Durable and beautiful, our Henderson belt is hand made from 1.5" wide full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather from one of America's oldest and finest tanneries, Hermann Oak in St. Louis, Mo. We believe that they produce the finest belting leather in the world using their time honored vegetable tanning process on all American Steer hides. They have been tanning this leather the same way since 1881 and that is something we can get behind!

Each of these belts is made with 10/12 oz. natural vegetable-tanned leather. The Henderson Belt in Natural comes standard with a solid brass, copper finished buckle. For holding everything together we use hand-hammered, solid copper rivets ensuring that this belt will last a lifetime!

How does our belt sizing work? You can check out our page on how to measure for your new belt HERE.

Product Specifications:

*Handmade In The U.S.A.  (Athens, Georgia)
*Lifetime Warranty
*Full-Grain, American, Vegetable Tanned Leather From Hermann Oak Tannery, St. Louis, Mo.
*100% Leather With No Rubber, Glue or Adhesives
*10/12oz Weight Leather
*1.5" Wide
*Solid Brass Buckles (Copper Finish)
*Hand Hammered, Solid Copper Rivets
*Finished With Bell Robertson Leather Bee Balm

So, what makes the Natural finish option the most unique option for you? One word: PATINA. We believe that the unique patina process that natural, veg-tanned leather goes through to be the greatest strength of our natural finished belt. Like an artist's canvas, the leather starts off as a beautifuly clean piece and as the brushes of time and life pass over the canvas it develops into a masterpiece unique to you. No two pieces of natural veg-tanned leather will ever patina or age exactly the same, making it as unique as you are. 

What is Patina? In not so scientific terms, it is the process in which your leather ages. Genuine, full-grain leather is a completely natural product. As the leather ages it will take on the properties of the life around it. As it is exposed to the oils of your body, the moisure in the air, water, dust, dirt, sunlight and leather conditioners it will start to patina. It deveops a soft feel, lustrous sheen and deep caramel color that we at Bell Robertson love so much. 

How long will it take to develop that rich patina? Good question! While you can certainly speed up the patina process through frequent use of things like leather conditioners, including those containing neatsfoot oil, we believe that as with most things in life, good things take time. The more life you expose your Bell Robertson Natural finished, veg-tanned leather product to, the more rapidly that lustrous patina will develop.




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