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Vintage Craftsman Boys Axe - Restored by Bell Robertson Barrow Axe Company

This vintage Craftsman Boy's Axe in a classic Michigan pattern is absolutely fantastic. This is a lightweight, balanced tool and ready to sneak through the forrest or your backyard wood pile we call it the "The CraftsBOY".

Let us be the first to tell you that old tools work hard. So, if you are looking for an ax to do hard work or you are simply looking for a collectible, manly, talking piece to display in your home when you have all of your buddies over, this hand restored, vintage, American, forged steel felling ax from Barrow Ax Company (BAxCo) will be just that. Georguous AND functional, the axes from BAxCo are made from vintage American ax manufacturers from an era bygone.

*American Forged Steel Head

*28" American Hickory Handle

*Custom vegetable tanned, American, hand made leather sheath

*Approx. 2lb 4oz head weight

*Handled weight approx. 5lb

Why an old ax and not a new one from the hardware store?

Simple…quality! New steel tools are not manufactured the way they were pre-1960’s. The steel used to make axes today is vastly inferior to the steel used in the vintage American manufacturers axes. Most steel axes today are comprised of pot metal and are not drop forged in the same way they were in the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.

This is the reason barrow ax company believes so strongly in resurrecting these axes of yesteryear, bringing them back to life for the next generation of users to appreciate their heritage and craftsmanship. The bottom line is that your grandpa had some things right, and owning high quality, American made, steel tools was one of them.

The process of making an ax in the way it was done even 50 years ago is simply not a cost effective way to do business for large (even American) companies to operate. The truth is, that the price point is far beyond what typical customers are willing to pay. For this reason, you do have a few, select, modern companies making axes that are forged from high quality steel the way it was done in decades past. They are however, quite expensive. So, what is the alternative then?

The better alternative is then to purchase a Barrow Ax Company vintage, restored, American forged steel ax.

With every BAxCo ax you get:

-A hard working ax that is as much a piece of art as it is a tool. Don’t blame us if you decide not to actually use it because you don’t want to mess it up!

-Hand restored, vintage, collectible, American forged steel ax head

-Each head hand picked and given a new life to ensure many more years of use

-A new hand picked American hickory handle chosen for color and optimal grain orientation giving assurance of durability and quality

-A hand stained or linseed oiled handle with hand painted handle grip

-Every axe head is hand sharpened the treated with a special blend of pure beeswax and oil to protect against rust

-A custom, American made, hand cut and assembled leather sheath made from reclaimed vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather. Treated with only neatsfoot oil for patina and color to ensure it ages beautifully as veg-tan leather should.